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POW/MIA/KIA Bracelets

POW/MIA/KIA Bracelets

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Product Description

Aluminum Bracelet (1/2" x 6-1/2") is engraved with your custom information and bent to fit. Easily bent to adjust to most wrist sizes.
Choose from many colors (Red, Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Gold, Silver).
Engraved letters will be Silver. Easily readable on all colors except Silver. Silver bracelets will have silver letters and can be hard to read, but offer a more subtle style.

These bracelets are often engraved with the name of a service person who has been taken prisoner (POW Bracelets), gone missing in action (MIA Bracelets), or has lost their life while serving in the military (KIA Bracelets).

Many people wear them to honor a soldier who is currently serving in other parts of the world.

They can be used for all branches of service in the Military as well as Police, Fire and Rescue.